Growing together

In the very last days of 1989, a group of Spanish and a group of French electrical wholesalers signed an agreement of international collaboration to commence at the beginning of the following year.
Further countries joined the group until in 1993 it comprised groups from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK. At their European Congress in Berlin that year these countries founded the organisation with the name FEGIME.
More members were recruited over the years.

1994: The Netherlands
2003: Ireland
2004: Portugal
2005: Poland
2006: Norway
2007: Hungary
2008: Romania
2009: Russia, Ukraine and Finland & Baltics
2013: Greece and Israel
2015: France
2018: Denmark

In 2018 there are a total of 18 National Organisations – and what is more: they are all using the name FEGIME, the same Corporate Identity and the same logo.


2018.09.07. - FEGIME DAY IN GREECE
Our Greek colleagues celebrated FEGIME Day in all the 59 outlets throughout the country. …
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2018.07.12. - FEGIME DAY IN POLAND
Once again, our Polish colleagues were very creative and came up with lots of great ideas to celebra …
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2018.07.10. - FEGIME DAY IN LATVIA
FEGIME Finland & Baltics member Elektrika SIA – supported by their partner suppliers - celebrated FE …
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2018.07.06. - FEGIME DAY IN SPAIN
FEGIME Espana celebrated FEGIME Day by meeting up with partners and suppliers in Galicia. …
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