Who we are


We have spread our wings across most of Europe.
Much more than just a logo, our brand is a statement of our members' common values and beliefs. It presents us as the big family we are:
With the same goals and business-focused attitude, always prizing the importance of human relationships.

The FEGIME Group unifies our strengths, our values and our ambitions.
Our claim unifies our mission: Generating Value.


As a union of family-run businesses, the FEGIME Group wants to be recognised as, and have the reputation of being, the best operators within the industry.

Our Values


2018.09.07. - FEGIME DAY IN GREECE
Our Greek colleagues celebrated FEGIME Day in all the 59 outlets throughout the country. …
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2018.07.12. - FEGIME DAY IN POLAND
Once again, our Polish colleagues were very creative and came up with lots of great ideas to celebra …
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2018.07.10. - FEGIME DAY IN LATVIA
FEGIME Finland & Baltics member Elektrika SIA – supported by their partner suppliers - celebrated FE …
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2018.07.06. - FEGIME DAY IN SPAIN
FEGIME Espana celebrated FEGIME Day by meeting up with partners and suppliers in Galicia. …
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