The Digital Summit kicked off on Thursday evening with an informal exchange of thoughts over dinner. The FEGIME participants comprised 15 technical and commercial managers from five FEGIME España member companies, accompanied by Jorge Ruiz-Olivares, Managing Director of FEGIME España, and FEGIME International Digital Coordinator, Juan Carlos Iglesias.
On the Friday the day began very early with a visit to the Siemens digitalization centre. There the participants were able to learn about the extensive network of digital solutions Siemens can offer the industrial market. Through digital simulators or digital twins, Siemens showed how the solutions can significantly increase performance and reduce costs.
The Siemens industry experts then proceeded to present a whole range of topics including edge computing, digital connectivity infrastructure, cybersecurity, digital services and digital applications development. But communication was not a one-way street: productive discussions took place throughout the day between the participants from FEGIME and Siemens that for sure will bring great benefits to both sides.
Follow-up events are already planned in both Spain and Germany.