2023 is a very big year for FEGIME Nederland (Schuurman Group). Not only is the company celebrating its 100th Anniversary but also third generation owner Willem Schuurman is handing over his operational duties to a new management team.

Change is also in the air at FEGIME Head Office where after 13 years in the saddle Managing Director, David Garratt, will be retiring from 1st July 2023 and is already in the process of handing over to his successor, Anna Konopasek.

So, this week’s kind invitation to Schuurman HQ in Alkmaar was the perfect opportunity for everyone to get acquainted and set the course for the next 100 years 😉

From left to right: Rino van Deventer, CEO, Schuurman Group; Anna Konopasek, Managing Director, FEGIME; Jaap Schuurman, COO, Schuurman Group; Judith Lub, Sales Director, Schuurman Group; David Garratt, Managing Director, FEGIME; Farhad Malekzada, CFO, Schuurman Group.