It had been a long time since FEGIME Future last visited Obernai. In fact, when they had, the “Forum” was still not quite finished. Of course, the pandemic played a big role: this special “D-event” meeting had been over three years in the planning. But – when it finally took place last week – it turned out, it had been well worth waiting for.

Hager’s “Flemish Master” of Design, Erwin van Handenhoven, was in charge of the workshop. Ably assisted by his team, he initiated FEGIME Future in the theory behind all design and progressed to show how it was implemented by his department for Hager. Finally, it was the group’s turn (photo). After all the theory FEGIME Future could get down to the practical group work: to design and make a prototype of an alarm clock with a very specific customer in mind. When time was up, the new product was presented to the D-event Team Jury. The experts’ verdict: FEGIME Future did a great job and for sure will never be short of ideas when designing their own future.