History – growing together

In the very last days of 1989, a group of Spanish and a group of French electrical wholesalers signed an agreement of international collaboration to commence at the beginning of the following year.
Further countries joined the group until in 1993 it comprised groups from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK. At their European Congress in Berlin that year these countries founded the organisation with the name FEGIME.
More members were recruited over the years.

1994: The Netherlands
2003: Ireland
2004: Portugal
2005: Poland
2006: Norway
2007: Hungary
2008: Romania
2009: Russia, Ukraine and Finland & Baltics
2013: Greece and Israel
2015: France
2018: Denmark
2019: Latin America

There are a total of 19 National Organisations – and what is more: they are all using the name FEGIME, the same Corporate Identity and the same logo.


Hege Amundsen Elvestad (Norway)
Supervisory Board
Hege Amundsen Elvestad (Norway), Lars Kestner (Denmark), Gabriele Depalo (Italy)
Managing Director
Anna Konopasek, David Garratt
President: Lars Kestner
Managing Director: Ian Schlottmann
Finland & Baltics
President: Urmas Mülla
Managing Director: Dennis Belajevs
Charlotte Géminard
Norbert Géminard
President: Ralf Kersting
Managing Director: Arnold Rauf
Greece & Cyprus
President, Managing Director: Nikos Kafkas
Managing Director: Zsuzsanna Nedeczky
President: Itai Erez
Managing Director: Amir Cohen
Delegated Member: Gabriele Depalo
Managing Director: Francesco Redaelli
President: Peadar Conlon
Administrator: Michelle Lynch
Delegated Member: Fernando Gonzalez
Managing Director:
President: Willem Schuurman
Managing Director: Judith Lub
President: Hege Amundsen Elvestad
Managing Director: Hans-Ketil Andresen
President of Supervisory Board: Marian Nowak
President, Managing Director: Marta Kulza
President: Nuno Lameiras
Managing Director: Nuno Requetim
President: Florin Niculae
Managing Director: Costin Cunesteanu
Russia (membership currently on hold)
President: Valentin Iuzepchuk
Managing Director: Galina Petrova
Corporate Chairman: Luis Collado
Managing Director: Jorge Ruiz-Olivares
President: Dmytrii Kartonozhkin
Managing Director: Oleg Scherbakov
United Kingdom
President: John Powell
Chief Executive Officer: Alan Reynolds

Facts & Figures

7,5 billion €


over 260

wholesalers participating

> 10%

Market share

Market shares of the member organisations Market shares of the member organisations
FEGIME Deutschland 14%
FEGIME España 14%
FEGIME Finland & Baltics 11%
FEGIME France 4,2%
FEGIME Hellas & Cyprus 35%
FEGIME Hungary 24%
FEGIME Ireland 17%
FEGIME Israel 20-25%
FEGIME Italia 7%
FEGIME Latam 51%
FEGIME Nederland 4-5%
FEGIME Norge 15%
FEGIME Polska 16%
FEGIME Portugal 19%
FEGIME România 13%
FEGIME Russia 21%
FEGIME Ukraine 10%
FEGIME United Kingdom 9,6%

Range of goods

Electrical installation material for building installation, lighting and production as well as electrical household appliances.

FEGIME wholesalers supply electrical installers, commercial customers and institutions.

FEGIME Members list

All member organisations with full address and contact data.