19 national organisations with more than 260 independent electrical wholesalers co-operate within the framework of FEGIME: an innovative force in electrical wholesaling. It is our objective to unite the strength of our medium-sized companies – for the benefit of our members, clients and suppliers.


The FEGIME Group acts as an international business generator.
It is our belief that the union of our independent, family-owned member companies makes each of them grow stronger and gain power. We offer a different approach on the market based on proximity and trust, combining the force of the group experience with the flexibility, agility and enviable service of each member wholesaler.
It is our DNA that a true union should respect the individuality of its members.

In a global economy, successful businesses have to act globally whilst preserving their uniqueness. That is why at FEGIME we respect the multi-cultural nature of our business.
The FEGIME Group believes in the dynamics of a two-way-relationship.
It is our ENERGY and POWER that are our greatest strengths.

FEGIME. Generating Value.

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